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Print Japaneese character on Linux terminal & debugging problem

Discussion in 'C' started by harimagic, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. harimagic

    harimagic New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Question1 : I want to print a japaneese character on linux console. I did following changes before printing on linux terminal (Putty 0.60).
    1. Change console setting to “utf-8” translation.
    2. Check locales which are available in console using “locale –a “command.
    3. set the appropriate locale using export LC_ALL=”respective locale” (here in this case I have set it to “ja_JP.utf8”).
    I am transferring japaneese character from word document using copy and printing it on console using right click. But on console I am getting [] [] (some boxes)
    Question2: I want to debug japaneese character using gdb. How can I check japaneese characters for a wide char pointer?
    Ex: char *ch=”hi”; Using gdb
    (gdb) print ch (or) display ch Will print “hi”
    Like this how can I print wide char characters on gdb. Consider I have a input wchar_t *wch=L” 学の”; (If i am able to check wide characters it will help me for debugging)

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