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preventing execution of same executable

Discussion in 'C' started by priyatendulkar, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. priyatendulkar

    priyatendulkar New Member

    Hi ,

    I have an executable say a.out.

    My requirement is that ..At a time only single instance of a.out be executed

    Is that possible in linux
  2. xpi0t0s

    xpi0t0s Mentor

    I don't think you can prevent the OS launching a second copy of the executable but you can make them detect each other. For example one way is to create a file lock when the executable starts, so if a second instance is launched, it would try to lock that file, fail, deduce from that that there is already someone else running and exit.
  3. priyatendulkar

    priyatendulkar New Member

    Thanx a lot for the response

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