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There is a cool little PHP, XML user interface package called Prado that I stumbled on to. With it, you can do some pretty cool things like a data grid (TDataGrid Example) and a data list (TDataList) but there is a problem. You have to have PHP 5 in order to use it.

Now, none of my hosting providers use PHP 5. So my options are to either host my websites myself, or find someone who uses PHP 5 and the other qualifications to use PRADO; or find some other example of this sort of stuff that does not use version 5 of PHP.

Does anyone know of anything like this that maybe does not need version 5 of PHP?

Of course, I could find out how to do this in Flash. That is another option.
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you might want to learn it in flash, it is much easier to handle. see one of the examples i stumbled upon
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Probably you need to look for options having PHP 5 as many of the hosts are moving to the PHP 5 versions.