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Posting in web directories

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by astra2000, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. astra2000

    astra2000 New Member

    Hi, all!!
    I am a new guy here, and I am glad that I fond such a wonderful web site.
    I know that Google recently changed the weight of links from linkfarms. Does this change touches free web directories?
    I wanted to post my blog in such web directories. Will it bring me anything?
    Thank you for your attention.
  2. William9

    William9 New Member

    Its very good question raised by you. But I think that Directories do not produce the links from a single web page, you will find just 10-15 submission on a single page.
  3. astra2000

    astra2000 New Member

    Thank you for your opinion.
    And what would you suggest for me to do? May be there are some books that I can read?
  4. fattaah

    fattaah New Member

    dont submit your website in thousands of dir. just submit only high pr will help for the new website to come in serp.
  5. SSL Matrix

    SSL Matrix New Member

    You can easily find this answer on Google so please be self depended.
  6. linkbuilding5

    linkbuilding5 Banned

    Directory submission is one the method of off page optimization. It is used to create quality back links.
  7. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    We are in 2011 and what you are saying probably worked in 2005.
  8. cartergarth

    cartergarth New Member

    directory submission will not help you a lot but it is helping to high pr directories. choose the right directory before submitting your site.
  9. steveschmidt85

    steveschmidt85 New Member

    i experienced submission in web directories is still useful just check quality of the directory in which you are submitting and in this forum only there is a article about directory submission you can read that it is a useful article
  10. eBiz

    eBiz New Member

    Choose a directory site with quality. Is best.

    You will not tired of them apply to every site.

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