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PostgreSQL into MySQL

Discussion in 'PostgreSQL' started by Rama, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Rama

    Rama New Member

    Hi there,

    I need to convert the following code from PostgreSQL into MySQL
    [COLOR=darkred]CREATE TYPE type_name AS[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]field_id INTEGER,[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]field_name VARCHAR(50)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]CREATE FUNCTION function_name()[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]RETURNS SETOF type_name LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]  DECLARE[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]    variable_name type_name;[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]  BEGIN[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]    FOR variable_name IN[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]      SELECT field_id, field_name[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]      FROM table_name[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]      ORDER BY field_id[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]    LOOP[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]      RETURN NEXT variable_name;[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]    END LOOP;[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]  END;[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkred]SELECT * FROM function_name();[/COLOR]
    Can anybody help?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. pete_bisby

    pete_bisby New Member

  3. Rama

    Rama New Member

    Thanks, but I found an alternative by creating mySQL procedures instead of functions.


    CREATE PROCEDURE procedure_name()
    SELECT fiend_id, field_name FROM table_name ORDER BY field_id;

    Thanks anyway!
  4. Rama

    Rama New Member

    ...and called it this way:

    $sql = 'CALL procedure_name()';

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