Not sure where to post

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Wonder if anybody could asist me?

We are looking for a PHP/MYSQL programmer to do a project for us. Our site is Problem is i'm not sure which forum to post in.

Also, finding a good programmer is harder than I expected. So if there are any takers, would appreciate a call. Or any good pointers. I did try but got some really useless people contacting me. What I mean by that is that they couldn't communicate properly (ENGLISH BAD) and would also take forever to reply.

It's a serious project and I need serious programmers who can take on board what we need.

Thank You.
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I have moved your forum to the Employer section where you can hire anybody from the responses but we are not like RAC having anything in between the coders (who respond) and the buyer.

Yes its always difficult to find guys good at more than one thing (Communication / Development)
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still there are openings