Pointers and Lists

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Hello, Im very very new at C++, I have this assignment that I can't figure out, if anybody could me, I'll be very grateful.

Create a List class with the following interface (at a minimum):
bool addItem(Node&) //add an item to the list, return true on success
Node* getLargestNode( ) //return the largest value stored in the list
In addition, create a Node class that stores an integer. The Nodes will be linked together to form the List. Your driver program should accept ten integers from the console, create new Nodes, store them in the list, then display the largest value in the list.
You'll end up with at least two objects: the List object, and the Node object. You’ll want to think about what a node is and what a list is, and what behaviors each should have. For example, the List shouldn’t store the highest integer in the list…instead it should ask each Node its value, and if the Node contains the highest value the List has seen, it should store a pointer to that Node.
getLargestNode( ) should iterate the list…start at the top and look at each node in turn until it reaches the bottom of the list. It returns a Node, so you can use the method in main( ) to find and print the value of the largest node.

Thank you
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Your best bet is to tell your tutor that he's way ahead of you. If you haven't even got a clue where to start with this one, either he's assuming a level of knowledge you don't have, or you've been slacking off in the earlier classes.....