pointer stuck !

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please explain what is being done in the pointer conversion in the prg

struct MyStruct
int i;
int j;

int main()
struct MyStruct *p=0;

int size = ((char*)(p+1))-((char*)p);

return 0;

thank you
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hey wat is need of typecasting there it is not required.
answer 4 ur program is 8, let me explain u clearly in C all type of pointer size is 4bytes(compiler dependent i considered this one under GCC) in aabove r adding increment pointer of mystruct type by 1 so it will point to next 8 bytes(same like array concept)
note: you r adding 1 to pointer before type casting it so u r getting 8
if it is like this (((char*)p)+1)-((char*)p) then answer may be as u expected and analysis of my exp is
->adding 1 to char pointer(here i typecasted it first and then added 1 in ur case it is reverse) so it will point to next byte(as i type casted this one as char* so it will point to next byte if it is int(casted one) then it should increment by 4).
->subtraction is common means base address,no need of type casting it. i just didn`t this 4 ur analazy.

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correct "i just didn`t" to "i just did"
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It's a stupid way of doing sizeof.

p is a pointer to MyStruct so p+1 (using pointer semantics) points to the next MyStruct in memory, i.e. p+sizeof(MyStruct) in byte semantics. p+1 and p are then both cast to char* because the pointer semantics work the same way: p+1 for a char* points to p+sizeof(char) which is equivalent to p+1 in byte semantics. Subtracting p from p+1 using char* pointer semantics gives you a sizeof(char) difference between p and p+1, which is equivalent to sizeof(MyStruct).

So that whole silly complex line that you can't understand - for good reason - can be replaced with the considerably easier:
int size=sizeof(struct MyStruct);
and the programmer who wrote that nonsense should be fired.
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i told hims as newbie (in his lang) itself not to impress others especialy u? analyzing doesnt matters ways of expressing to others in their way matters always