plzzzz helpp plz plz

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hi frnd i am a gr8 fan of ibibo and i spend my most of the hours in ibibo games and chat as is an html page were chatting is done...but last few days i saw some guys r changing their font color whicih ibibo doesnt have this feature we can only write in black color.......they write color fonts with this code "/<c=ff0000>"....

i just want to know that is there any similar codes other den color or anything else if u guys know plzzz plz plz tellme plzzzzzzzz
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Hello friend,

i am also not so familiar with IBIBO but I am sure there some option for change as you like. See the site carefully. I know you can.
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may be some bug is present .. i am not regular user of this site better to ask those who are ibibo freak