Plz help me to write c++ code for this problem!

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Writing a maintainable code makes the product with High Quality. Here you are given a scenario where you have to write a maintainable code for the given problem.


Virtual Solutions is an IT solution provider company. It has hired you as a Software Engineer. Your job is to write code, but at the same it should be of High Quality. Your Team Lead has asked you to write a very small code of user login functionality. The code should be of High Quality.

You are required to

a. Write correct code for the user login in Java following the guidelines for writing code
b. Make use of Hungarian Notation for coding purpose

c. Make use of Comments in the Code where required necessary.
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Dear, there i gave my c++ code and wanted to have equivalent java code. and here i requested to get c++ code so that i can compare it with my solution.
some people are more cautious for being befooled. Now if u an help plz do it.