Pls help me with my php fighting script

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Hello everybody. Im new with this php codes. I am trying to make my own RPG game at home. Im stuck with this fighting script. what I have now is this:

if ( $attacker['accuracy']>= $defender['dodge']) // first attack is successful
echo "Attacker hit the defender with" $attacker['weapondamage'] . ;
elseif (( $attacker['accuracy']< $defender['dodge'])) // first attack is miss
echo "Defender dodge the Attacker";
I want this to loop until one player is dead. I don't know how to do this. And also I want the echo to be continuous like this:

Attacker miss the Defender.
Defender miss the Attacker!
Attacker miss the Defender.
Defender hit the Attacker with 10 damage!
Attacker hit the Defender with 40 damage!
Defender hit the Attacker with 30 damage and died!

Defender wins!

Now my question are:
What are the things I need to place in my current script to have those above results?
Is there a way to materialize my fighting script?

Help pls...

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on which logic you make the accuracy and dodge things
i mean you should randomize all these