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pls help me on operating system linux

Discussion in 'Linux' started by paradise, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. paradise

    paradise New Member

    Write a C program that accepts 3 parameters. Each parameter indicates the quantity of product to be
    produced. Each product will be produced in different production line. Ready products will be placed
    in a buffer area located at the end of each production line. Packaging workers will pack the products
    into boxes. Information of each production line as follow:
    Production line A: product ready in 1-2 minutes, buffer capacity: 12 units
    Production line B: product ready in 2-3 minutes, buffer capacity: 6 units
    Production line C: product ready in 1-2 minutes, buffer capacity: 24 units
    There are currently 2 packaging workers available. Each worker needs 2 minutes to pack 6 units of
    product into a box. The production line will be temporary suspended if the buffer area is full of
    product. The operation will continue when the worker has taken 1 unit of product from the buffer
    Simulate the operation of production line and the packaging workers by using threads and
    appropriate semaphores. There are at least 5 threads, but you may use additional thread if it is
    necessary. You have to decide how the workers select the product to pack. Assume that 1 second in
    your program is equivalent to 1 minute.
    Sample output:​
    Buffer A: 11
    Buffer C: 4
    Worker X packing B: 3
    Buffer B: 8
    Worker Y packing C: 2
    Buffer A: 12
    Production line A suspended.​
  2. en_7123

    en_7123 New Member

    Where is the code that you have written ??
  3. paradise

    paradise New Member

    I attached the code ....

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