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Which php sever is better ?

Discussion in 'PHP' started by rameshb, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. rameshb

    rameshb New Member

    Right now am using WAMP server to deploy my program . Tell me another php server which will be more effective than wamp ?
  2. keyideas

    keyideas New Member

    You can your apache server for your PHP websites.
  3. underground_devil

    underground_devil New Member

    php is run on appache server5 and xampp and wampp are the package which provides appache + MySQL + FTP facility so its not you use wampp or xampp

    wampp stands for window appache mysql programing parser
    xampp stands for extended appache mysql programing parser(which supported various platform )
  4. arvindgvt1

    arvindgvt1 Banned

    Thanks for advising
  5. underground_devil

    underground_devil New Member

  6. seoabhisek

    seoabhisek Banned

    according to me appache is the best suited with linux
  7. possible.in

    possible.in New Member

    Ya apache server suited with linux so it can be a better hosting.!!:nice:
  8. underground_devil

    underground_devil New Member

    most important thing is appache is free so why we need to look for other paid servers :D
  9. ManzZup

    ManzZup New Member

    ermmm i use easyPhp for sometime now
    and its G00D :D
    juz for the Windows environment though :D [of course linux's * better]
  10. underground_devil

    underground_devil New Member

    its also use Apache :)
  11. kumarmannu

    kumarmannu Banned

  12. juliaandrews

    juliaandrews New Member

    I think apache server is best for your PHP websites.
  13. jennyjackson

    jennyjackson New Member

    You can use apache server for your website.
  14. lionaneesh

    lionaneesh New Member

    I would suggest EasyPHP..

    Reasons :-

    2. Its Bug Free
    3. Its easy to install
    4. It works without a hastle!
  15. pein87

    pein87 New Member

    Lighthttpd is better but its fairly newer and not used as much. Apache is more used, and has more tuts on its which give it the edge. Lighthttpd is slightly faster then Apache is though. I haven't benchmarked either on speed, processing speed, memory usage etc... but since Apache is the most used on web hosts and business servers it gets my vote and I use it over Lighthttpd all the time.
  16. tuyenthanhnet

    tuyenthanhnet New Member

    php embed to iis server on window is a good idea :D

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