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php-related question

Discussion in 'Programming' started by annemarie9, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. annemarie9

    annemarie9 New Member

    HELP!!! I want to open a php file on my macbook but cannot do so because the technical aspects are beyond my understanding. The file I want to view contains the content of a website that I manage. I recently installed a CMS into the website and forgot to copy some of the content before going "LIVE". I am trying to view a copy of the original website that was emailed to me from the former webmaster. The original website's content was emailed to me as a php file which is what I am trying to access. When I download it, it comes up in TextEdit as symbols and random words. What should I do??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
  2. gotroot

    gotroot New Member

    those symbols and random words are php code!
    To open it as a php it needs to be on a server with php installed.
    so just upload it to your ftp/host and open it there. It will work then

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