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PHP ?id= multiple code error

Discussion in 'PHP' started by gulliccj, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. gulliccj

    gulliccj New Member

    hey! i am currently trying to use the php code for multiple pages in one file via the ?id= code. i am using the php file redir.php. here is the code:

    $id = $_GET['id'];
    if($id == ''){
    regular page //code or include goes here
    elseif($id == 1){
    id 1 //code or include goes here
    //repeat for all styles/pages.

    and i cannot get it to work. it redirects you, but the page is blank. can you tell me what is wrong? thanks!
  2. gulliccj

    gulliccj New Member

    to try it, go to
    <a href="http://nebraskageek.com/php">nebraskageek.com/php</a>
  3. gulliccj

    gulliccj New Member

    THAT was wierd: nebraskageek.com/php
    thats the url to try it

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