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hi every one, im a beginner of scripting languages who is trying to learn php on my own, i tried putting some codes in dreamweaver but they couldnt actually run on my machine which i had specified as the local host and would instead bring me back to dreamweaver application that i was using.So i would like some one to tell me the good beginning part of the drama so that i can continue with alot of ease.
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Your machine must have a server running and it must be set up to serve PHP files. Apache is a good server. You don't bother to mention anything about your system, so Google for LAMP or WAMP installations or download them separately and roll your own.
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you cannot run php natively on a windows machine. Turn off IIS ( webserver ) and install WAMP . It has a mysql database,php, and an apache webserver. Which you will be able to run and test your php code on.
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