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php file manipulation

Discussion in 'PHP' started by martabau, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. martabau

    martabau New Member

    i have these 2 functions:
    Reading a Particular Line in a File
    $line_counter = 0;
    $desired_line = 29;
    $fh = fopen('vacation-hotspots.txt','r') or die($php_errormsg);
    while ((! feof($fh)) && ($line_counter <= $desired_line)) {
        if ($s = fgets($fh,1048576)) {
    fclose($fh) or die($php_errormsg);
    print $s;
    Modifying a File in Place Without a Temporary File:
    $fh = fopen('message.txt','r+')         or die($php_errormsg);
    // figure out how many bytes to read
    $bytes_to_read = filesize('message.txt');
    // initialize variables that hold file positions
    $next_read = $last_write = 0;
    // keep going while there are still bytes to read
    while ($next_read < $bytes_to_read) {
        /* move to the position of the next read, read a line, and save
         * the position of the next read */
        $s = fgets($fh,1048576)             or die($php_errormsg);
        $next_read = ftell($fh);
        // convert <b>word</b> to *word*
        $s = preg_replace([EMAIL="'@<b[^>]*>(.*?)</b>@i','*$1*',$s"]'@<b[^>]*>(.*?)</b>@i','*$1*',$s[/EMAIL]);
        // convert <i>word</i> to /word/ 
        $s = preg_replace([EMAIL="'@<i[^>]*>(.*?)</i>@i','/$1/',$s"]'@<i[^>]*>(.*?)</i>@i','/$1/',$s[/EMAIL]);
        /* move to the position where the last write ended, write the
         * converted line, and save the position for the next write */
        if (-1 == fwrite($fh,$s))            { die($php_errormsg); }
        $last_write = ftell($fh);
    // truncate the file length to what we've already written 
    ftruncate($fh,$last_write)              or die($php_errormsg);
    // close the file
    fclose($fh)                             or die($php_errormsg);
    both work well to read a specific line of the file and the other to replace a part of the file or all the file, could some one tell me a function to combine that i mean a function to replace part of a line or all the line of an opened file but just in the line that i want,
    thanks a lot
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