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Hi. I've got PHP Problem. I'm designing a new site that requires categories. (ie Canvas, acrylic, oil, etc). I'm using PHP include to throw all the PHP & HTML together it was looking really good until I came across this problem.

I know it would probably have to do with 'isset' and things, but like me and languages (whether it be computer or country), I can understand fragments but not the whole picture.

I think what I am looking for is something like:

if (isset (canvas))


if (isset (acryllic))

{<<DATABASE CONNECTION STUFF>> WHERE pictype = acryllic";


Is that correct, can someone point me in the right direction!??! Is this the end of Wenslock's adventures??!??! TUNE IN NEXT TIME FOLKS TO FIND OUT!
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I think you'll probably need to load only one category at a time.
So you can use the SWITCH construct or IF..ELSE IF..ELSE construct.

Example (Switch):
Code: PHP
     case 'canvas':
     case 'acrylic':