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Permissions for files when we did 'scp' in linux

Discussion in 'Linux' started by sharmila, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. sharmila

    sharmila New Member

    Recently I moved my linux account from one machine to another.
    Inorder to get my old files I used scp command. I would like to know will there be any change in permissions when we use scp.B'caz after coping all my files when i am trying to build it is saying permission denied for a particular library..
    when i check the premission it is 775 and is executing fine in my previous machine with the same permissions.
    but when i check out my project from cvs at that time it did not gave error.. executed properly..
    Can anyone explain me why it happened like that.. and why it did not allowed me when i did scp.

    Thanks in advance..


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