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Now I am using Perl Tk, I used the Text widget, for getting user comments or Description.

I want to justify the text, like left, right and center,

for me I faced some problem in handling "-justify" option in Text widget.

It showed Bad option in "-justify" option.

Note : I am using Perl v5.8.8.

My Code
$txt = $mw->Text( -background =>'white',
                  -spacing1 => 1,
                  -justify=>'left', #This option is not working for me.
                  -selectbackground => 'skyblue',
                  -insertwidth => 5,
                  -borderwidth =>3,
                  -highlightcolor => 'blue',        ### after visit
                  -highlightbackground => 'red' ,   ### default before visit
                  -padx => 5,
                  -pady => 5,
              )-> pack ();
Error Message

Bad option `-justify' at /usr/lib/perl5/Tk/ line 205.
at line 182
malformed bucket chain in Tcl_DeleteHashEntry

How can I solve this problem?
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try googleing the error, if no help shows up, then maybe look for a patch. if you cant get one then look for an alternative to justify=>