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I'm new to Perl and wants to learn the language. Please anybody tell me what is the development environment for the language. Can I learn it on window too. Where I can find the links to learn it from scratch more efficiently. In what type of applications this language is used? What is the future scope of the language? How much tough this language is to learn? Is this language too vast, pleas give some brief idea.

Please help me to get start with this language. Thanks in advance.
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This should answer most of your questions
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You can download active perl for windows with crimson editor. both are free.


Ahmed Ashraf Elazab
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You can Learn PERL in any platform.

Here I attach the URL file, visit the links. [ the link is used for learn for basics in PERL]
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ungalnanban, why you still attach urls in attachment and now you have the permission to post them in post
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you can download activeperl at
and they have documentation in the html folder of perl.
Yes you can use it on windows
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ungalnanban, please do not post links to a pirate copy of very old (1997) book. Perl changed much in 13 years. "Beginning Perl" is a good free book.
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