Perl Client\Server Problem Plz Help Me Perl Expert

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Hello everyone,
I am trying to make a Client/Server Socket Program in perl that can connect between two computers over the Internet. What the program does is just send messages back and forth, like a very basic IM. I have been successful so far in connecting two computers within the same network (like at my school) but unsuccessful at connect my laptop to my computer back at my house.
I have BSNL broadband connection one side and Airtel BroadBand connection other side and both side there are dynamic Ip address.
Why am I not able to getting the success.
On more thing Both side firewall is disabled.
So friend what is the problem. Will I have to go of DNS Resolver Concept.
If two computers are on the Internet then can I not connect them directly by their ip address. Or they are behind the router so I am not able to connect them.
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Is there not any one who can help me,
I think this not a big problem and many people may do this,
so plz help me
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What port number are you using for the communication? Are these computers NAT-ed?