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A penny for your thoughts?/No… How’s $500 BUCKS! (Visual/OO C++/Windows)

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by ginniebell, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. ginniebell

    ginniebell New Member

    I’m a recruiter, currently seeking an exceptional Visual C++ Programmer/Windows, with some experience in Object-Oriented C++ project, multi-threaded applications on WINDOWS… a SMART, Coder/Developer, with some user interface; and hands-on understanding of database structures and Network Communications (in NYC).

    This is a new opportunity with a well-established, successful and innovative start-up company based in NEW YORK CITY, which offers flex hours, a great working environment, and compensation up toward/possibly into the 6 figures…

    The catch? They are more concerned with impressive Educational credentials than years of experience… 1 or 2 yrs out of college is fine. In fact, we want to catch that “Bright, Rising Star!” They are anxious to hire the right person, and we are willing to pay a quick $500 for a referral leading to that hire. One other thing: CANDIDATES MUST BE LEGALLY AUTHORIZED TO WORK IN THE USA WITHOUT SPONSORSHIP, and open to rigorous background checking. Contact me at: ginnie.bellville at gmail.

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