passing an object to OnInitDialog function

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I have a problem.If anybody knows the answer pls help me.

I am having an SDI VC++ appication in which i have created 3 dialog classes viz CHDFreadDlg,CLoadDlg and CDispalyDlg.I aso have an independant class namely CHDFImage.I have created an object of this class in CHDFreadDlg dialog class namely pHDF.Now i have to pass this object to the OnInitDialog function of CLoadDlg class.How it is possible as the OnInitDialog function does not take any arguements.pls see the code below.

class CHDFImage
function A()

class CHDFreadDlg:class CDialog
CHDFImage* pHDF;  
CLoadDlg myDlg;


class CLoadDlg:class CDialog
void OnInitDialog()
//here i need the object pHDF
pHDF->function A();


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i didnt get ur question
but try including the header file of CHDFImage in the cpp file and the header file of the
dialog class.
i hope this might be help full