Passing Data between Forms.

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Hey guys im new to this forum and your help would be very much appreciated.

Didnt know where to post so sorry.

Here is my situation:

I have 2 forms. Using Visual Studio.

On Form 1 there is a populated combo box. This was done so by running a query through it and populating it with PUZ_ID values from a data set.

On form two there is a tool strip and below is a search query.

I need to be able to select the value i want in the combo box on form 1, and launch a button that opens form 2, which has loaded the data that i binded onto the form.

Anyone have any ideas/code or need me to clear this up a bit more?

So i need to run something through a query, or make something public or what?

Your help is much appreciated.
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Duplicate of Passing Data between Forms.. Thread closed.

Please do not create the same thread more than once.