how to pass blob type in procedures

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hi all,
I have written a procedure which is as follows:
Code: SQL
CREATE procedure insemp (tid IN varchar2,tdocout IN blob)
   INSERT INTO emp (id,docout) VALUES (tid,tdocout);
end insemp;
so second parameter(docout) to this procedure is of type blob, and docout which is in table emp is of type blob, so I am trying to insert tdocout into docout field of emp table.

but when I am trying execute this procedure from sql* plus as

exec insemp('1','ab');
I am getting the error

PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'INSEMP'
ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:

and even from java program I am getting the same error.

when the data type is not blob I am able to execute the procedure properly.

So I want to know how to pass blob type to procedure, Is there is any other way or pl/sql does not support blob type?
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To insert a blob you need to execute the following SQL
Code: CPP
query="insert into emp(id,name,photo) values(" + txtid.Text + "," + "'" + txtname.Text + "'," + " :BlobParameter )";
OracleParameter blobParameter = new OracleParameter();
blobParameter.OracleType = OracleType.Blob;
blobParameter.ParameterName = "BlobParameter";

blobParameter.Value = blob; // Image or any blob data read into this variable
cmnd=new OracleCommand(query,conn);
and so for the procedure also you need to be passing the blob in similar fashion.
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Also you can look at How to pass LOBs as parameters from Java to a Database Stored Procedure