Wanting a partner(s) for a website:

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Hello guys, I am currently trying to be an entrepreneur and develop a website. I know basic HTML and that about covers my knowledge on it. I have quickly written down an idea about a low-risk high-profit way that targets everyone, daily.

I am confused on how to explain this idea without someone completely high-jacking it. Any ideas on that? Firstly, I should not post it in a forum that is pretty much accessible to everyone who registers. I think my paranoia is normal in this case. I don't think I can explain the very basic of the functions that I want without giving away too much (you guys are genius' =p).

I am hoping to pay this programmer based on /hr wages or profit as they see fit. Please flame the crap out of me as this is very vague hehe.

If anyone is interested please PM me here first and we can talk details via E-mail/MSN/AIM.

(Also if anyone has any ideas on how I can explain what I am wanting to do without giving details about my project, please feel free to post that as well. Also this is probably the wrong section)
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If you are concerned about intellectual property, I highly recommend you find a developer in your local area who you can meet with personally! Depending on where you are in the world, the pricing may fluctuate, but you have the chance to meet face-to-face and build a relationship with your contractor.

- Ben