partitioning a new hp laptop i got yesterday

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i finally got a hand on a new laptop! its pretty cool but i'm wanting to re-partition the harddrive!

spec brief:

HP DV6000 (
Windows Vista Home Premium
120GB HD

this laptop unfortunately doesn't come with the OS CD!

the hard-disk has two partitions, 106GB for the OS and 7GB Recovery...

i have no intention on touching the Recovery partition yet! I'm not too sure if deleting it would void my warranty...

can anyone give me directions on how to do this?
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We cannot read your mind nor we know how much you know about the format / partitioning but if you provide what help you need in partitioning it will be of help to us.

As a general instruction the bootable OS CD has the option of formating and partitioning the hard drives.
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If you Want to partation ur hard disk without losing or reinstalling>>>>

use hard disk partitioning software

you can find it on

Software name paragon hard diak manager

but be careful with these type softwares because a wrong process can damage ur hard disk
use them carefully
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Can't get u. Kindly elaborate
1. Do you want to make a recovery cd/dvd for ur OS
2. Do you want to partition your HDD

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Your problem is very simple, just download the software partition magic search it in torrent sites..