How to parse incomplete XML body using libxml/SAX or any other parser

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I have to write a program where we get the xml file incrementally. i.e the file is constantly updated in the form of xml feed. Thus the first chunk will not be a well formed xml document. However i need to parse the feeds regularly and display the parsed result.

How can this be achieved.?


xml field can be following

First chunk is as follows: We can see it is not well formed

The next chunk will be


Please help!! I would be greatful if you could provide me with sample code or some links which i can follow.

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Any parser is going to be based on you having the complete XML, so if you don't want to write your own you will need to collect the chunks until you have the complete document, then you can squirt the data into your preferred parser.

Or you can write your own parser that will process a partial document. Parsing XML isn't a particularly difficult thing to do.