Parse Out Bot's By User Agent

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Useful function for logging stats and visitors in php.
PHP Code:
//returns 1 if the user agent is a bot
function is_bot($user_agent)
//if no user agent is supplied then assume it's a bot
if($user_agent == "")

//array of bot strings to check for
$bot_strings = Array(  "google",     "bot",
"yahoo",     "spider",
"archiver",   "curl",
"python",     "nambu",
"twitt",     "perl",
"sphere",     "PEAR",
"java",     "wordpress",
"radian",     "crawl",
"yandex",     "eventbox",
"monitor",   "mechanize",
$bot_strings as $bot)
strpos($user_agent,$bot) !== false)
    { return 
1; }

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Nice little utility
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I insert at the very end of the page after I flush everything out so there will be no delay of content even if the db is bogged down. And if I was give it to someone else who is using iis I would have to recode the entire thing. Also when doing reporting on large sets of data I don’t want to have to parse huge log files for every report.