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Off-page optimization Tips

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by quick2seo, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. quick2seo

    quick2seo Banned

    * Submit your site to the relevant categories of high ranked directories.
    * Write unique articles and submit them to various article directories, using the author resource box to link bank to your website.
    * Create your own blog and upload regular posts answering common problems or sharing your expertise on a relevant niche in order to bring traffic to your site.
    * Find relevant blog posts by others and post comments, using your website link in the proper place to get backlinks. It pays to select do-follow blogs for this purpose as backlinks from no-follow blogs aren’t considered for ranking of web pages by various search engine robots.
    * Become a member of some popular forums dealing with your niche and build a fan following over there, so that people from the forums are enticed to pay a visit to your website.
    * Use social networking sites to participate in relevant discussions and build your credibility as well as brand recognition via interaction with people from far and wide.
    * Social bookmaking is another way of creating a commendable online presence.
    * You can submit press releases (free or paid) to various online sites, which in turn can provide you with precious backlinks and let the word out about your offerings.
    * You can opt for link exchange with highly ranked and relevant websites.
    * Whether it’s one way, two way, three way or multiway linking, make sure that you provide the correct anchor text to sites linking back to you so that you reap the most from such backlinks.

    Though here are many other SEO tactics to help your website page rank climb up, the aforesaid ones are some of the basic steps that you can begin with. So, here’s wishing you good luck with your SEO campaign!
  2. denishverma

    denishverma Denish Verma- SEO Expert

    Off page steps
    1) Must use best copyscape verified content in linking
    2) Must use anchor tag
    3) Must use manual submissions
    4) Relevant category websites/ directories / links
    5) Must use Local directories - geographic based directories
    6) Hgih page rank is always gives good results
    7) Do follow is always love to google and the same.

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  3. enni

    enni New Member

    Off page optimization is very important to get the quality back links, traffic and high PR for your site and off page techniques are forum posting, blog commenting, article submission, directory submission and social bookmarking. You have to write quality and attractive contents in it, don't do spamming and don't copy any contents from the other comments.
  4. trinsleynewton

    trinsleynewton New Member

    they are useful but try to share something unique, like which most of the people need to know.
  5. mirandu85

    mirandu85 New Member

    are there directories so important these days ?
  6. semwinner

    semwinner New Member

    Wow,amazing.Thanks for sharing.But I have to remind you that at the same time,you should keep you in-page SEO good,cause its the most important to keep your costumer back.
  7. semwinner

    semwinner New Member

    so impressive,social networking and social bookmarking get more important.Article submission is not as important as before.

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