Hi guys i need a hand, i've spent well over a month trying to figure out a password ive forgotten for a usb drive. I feel like ive tried everything and i've searched what seems the entire internet with no success.
The only info i have on the device is that it has an AES 128 Encryption and that it uses a program called Carry it Easy Security - Verbatim Edition

this is the only available information on the password i have
encryptionHint=Evenglaze 2.C.F
encryptionPassword=c358235b6fe4195adbaccdb44a3b95b d

the files on the usb are highly sensitive so its important that i recover them any assistance would be appreciated or links to information

I'm interested in any information in ways to hack, access or override the encryption on my files so i can access them again.

thx regards fog91_91