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Hi - I'm supposed to convert this to Java and considering I know nothing about C, I'm a bit lost. If I knew what the output was, it would make my world A LOT easier. Can someone give me an idea of how to compile this or what IDE to use and what I need to add to it to get it to run, or an idea of the output?

Thanks in advance!
#include <stdio.h> 

int global = 4; 

void foo(); 

main() { 

    int id = -2; 
    printf("main(): global = %d\n" , global) ; 

    id = fork(); 

    if (id != 0) { 

   printf( "main(): global = %d\n" , global) ; 

void foo() { 

    static int staticInt = 1; 
    int localInt = 3; 
    printf("foo(): staticInt = %d \n" , staticInt) ; 
    printf("foo(): localInt = %d \n" , localInt) ; 

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If you know about function calls, global, static, and local variables, and the fork command, it is fairly straightforward to determine the output of the program, which I assume is your assignment. Look up these topics in your textbook or notes.

Converting the program to Java seems odd to me. Does Java have a fork command? (Windows doesn't.)
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u can use threading instead of multiprocessing....
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In place all functionalities uses by your program in c is equivalent to there in java. and For fork you can use multithreading