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Discussion in 'Oracle' started by JoannaRivera, May 14, 2009.

  1. JoannaRivera

    JoannaRivera New Member


    today Oracle is very famous database for big application .but i exactly don't know what is different between ORACLE and My SQL and why ORACLE is best and also what is it's draw back and in which application major ORACLE database
  2. kidas

    kidas Super Moderator

    well Oracle Database is the flagship product of Oracle Inc. It is famous because it is the most widely used enterprise database application, meaning major companies of the world run their applications with oracle as the database.

    Read this for more info on Oracle Database


    MySQL has had a very different growth trajectory, it was (and still is) an open source application having been developed by the open source community hence it was not favored by major enterprises for their data but that was the exact reason why it is so popular on the internet.
  3. Karapaz

    Karapaz Banned

    Hello every one,
    I need help regarding 9i/10g. I want to give sql & pl/sql exams only.

    Previously i prepared for oracle 9i, but did not appeared in examz. Now i wan t to take 10g exam.

    For PL/SQL: A book is available by oracle press. but for SQL exam, i am unable to find any helping material.

    Any one having idea?

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