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Optimum use of an Article

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by boss123, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. boss123

    boss123 New Member

    Many webmasters have told that article submission is the best way to get backlinks and effective method of link building. But, I have seen in many sites that from article submission websites are getting very few backlinks. Can anyone SEO expert here to tell me that how can I make an optimum use of my article? And kindly, tell me that what are its importance?
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    According to me best articles are best on your site and not on other sites for links. You can get links in many other ways as well.
  3. jhonden

    jhonden New Member

    When you submit a fresh article and once it gets approved what you can do is you can bookmark that article link through Social Bookmarking and can also post it on social networking sites.
  4. adoncia

    adoncia New Member

    Post your article on that article sites which can approve your posted article instant or within 48 hrs. once your article is approved you can do bookmark of that approved article link and you can do smo activity for that approved link.
  5. jeremyc

    jeremyc New Member

    If you submit article in one place, that is on your website and promote them individually, then it would be more beneficial than article submission sites.
  6. jeremyc

    jeremyc New Member

    But if you publish one article on different sites so it might attract 3 or 4 links, but it would weak the value of article that it have.
  7. jeremyc

    jeremyc New Member

    [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Well you are absolutely right. However, I would like to share a Facebook page link here, which refer to how Google panda update is a crap … :) Just go through the following url:

    [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Sorry Matt Cutts But Google Panda Update Simply Doesn't Work :D

    [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]
  8. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Only 27 people like that FB link and I am sure 99% of those people are webmasters whose sites has been de-ranked.
  9. jeremyc

    jeremyc New Member

    [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]I am 27th :pleased: Anyway what do you think about recent updates of Google? Are they fair? I don't think so … [/FONT]
  10. jeremyc

    jeremyc New Member

    How? If you publish unique article in one place only either on your website or well ranked article directory site or blog, then it won't create duplicate content.

    Still you will find many good article directories on the Internet that offers do-follow links in author resource box…
  11. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    The webmaster's you have gained traffic would say it is fair and those who lost traffic would say it is unfair but you have to understand from the perspective of users.

    This Panda update was about removing the duplicate content that were ranking and I think this is what should happen because people writing original content should be rewarded with traffic and so I don't think there is any issues with the concept.

    How Google implemented is probably the best they could do interest of their members and customers and so I don't think there is any issues. Yes I would agree that some genuine sites were even punished like Daniweb and Google has also taken steps to get those issues rectified and so I think this is all could be done and so we have to live with it.

    So in my opinion I think I would not click the like of that page despite the fact that some of my sites has lost traffic as well.

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