Optimal solution for smaller web start up?

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I'm a computer engineering student who just received a spot at a small start up looking to developing puzzle games for the web.

The criteria I have are as follows

-The website will implement a database of some sort to keep track of user accounts, scores, and puzzle layouts

-The website will implement user accounts

-The website will feature numerous puzzle games to play with 2D graphics

As for how I would like to develop the first game I've been evaluating a few options.

It seems that MySQL and PHP would be good solutions for server side with javascript on the client side to display the graphics as they're sent in. PHP would allow for easy access to MySQL (plus there are an incredible amount of tutorials and ebooks available for learning how to do such a thing) as well as allow for scripts for user log in and more.

Javascript on the client side with JQuery seems like a well documented approach to explore for graphics. It is also a fully functioning programming language with which I would be able to interact with the PHP scripts running in the background.

I'm also wondering whether or not it would be easier to use Java EE and one of the java database implementations. I could then, I think, develop a Java application and embed it into the webpage, or perhaps an entire java web application which would handle user accounts, games, stats, and more. This would allow me to use what Java expertise I have although I do think that after I learn the workings of PHP/Javascript it will be much the same.

Things I do not know too much about... Ajax, NewSQL (apparently better for scalability although I do not imagine that a puzzle website will ever require quite the computer intensive resources that google or facebook require), and anything I didn't really mention here.

How feasible is it to use Perl for web application? I know a little Perl as well and always enjoy programming with it. I do know its possible to develop web applications with Perl.

Finally, I do believe that it would be possible to develop some of these puzzles with HTML5 and CSS3 but support would certainly be an issue at that point. If anyone has any tips for learning how to develop graphics with CSS3 that would be appreciated.

If you didn't want to read that whole diatribe
For a small start up developing simple puzzle games with 2D graphics what is the best solution to employ to be able to integrate a database that keeps track of users statistics?

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PHP and MySQL with JavaScript is your best choice but I would also add flash to it because flash changes the looks of the game very easily
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Great tip for beginners and for start up websites!
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Great info.....