Operations on numbers

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I would like all the members here take part in this and contribute to this simple thread......

We all think differently....so we ll have different solutions to this simple problem.

I am searching for different logics that would generate the following numbers in an arbitary range say between UpperLimit and LowerLimit. (int UL,LL).
1. Armstrong Number
*2. Magic / Ramanujan Number [http://www.quickermaths.com/ramanujan-number/] << This is more important for me.
3. Krishnamurthy Number [A krishnamurthy number is one whose sum of the factorials of each number is equal to the number itself. Eg: 145]
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You created the same thread twice. I deleted the one in the C-C++ and left the only Java one here. Now I see you created the same thread again.

Please make sure you avoid creating the same thread over and over again.