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Operating system

Discussion in 'Programming' started by yayaNasr, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. yayaNasr

    yayaNasr New Member

    pleeeeeeeease i need your help
    i am going to develop my graduation project and it is about auto generate C#,C++,...... Source Code For agiven drawing Forms Or Page
    My question is
    Should i know Operating System TO go a head in this Project Or in general What Tools Should i Know it To go a head in this Project help me please Quick as you can ?
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    I am not able to understand what you are trying to ask? You should know C++ but for OS I am confused with your query
  3. dannerr

    dannerr New Member

    Yes, you should learn about your operating system if you intend on developing a code that generates code. It will also help you in any other computer aspect to know your OS.
  4. Kyuuqsoft

    Kyuuqsoft New Member

    try using cosmos
  5. Kyuuqsoft

    Kyuuqsoft New Member

    and use visual basic 2008 web developer, and it works on cosmos.
  6. lionaneesh

    lionaneesh New Member

    First of All Can't understand your post completely..

    But i am supposing that you want to ask what you have to learn to make some of your graduation projects..

    Things you need :-

    1. OS (Linux , Windows) Can be any OS you can use and you are comfortable with
    2. Get a Compiler (Code:Blocks etc etc..)

    And you are ready to get going...

    Things need to learn :-

    1. The language you are programming in (eg C , C++ , C#)
    2. The main idea of the project you are making

    Start with a pseudo-code(blueprint) and then step further..
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