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Is there any online site from where i can edit and compile my C/C++ programs remotely from a location where i d'nt have access to install Softwares.
Thanks in advance.
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Check these ::


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I tried the first site,My test code compiled but i am unable to get the results as an output for my code.The message received is as follows. In strict mode, with -tused, Compile succeeded (but remember, the Comeau online compiler does not link).Compiled with C++0x extensions enabled. Your Comeau C/C++ test results are as follows: Comeau C/C++ (Oct 6 2008 11:28:09) for ONLINE_EVALUATION_BETA2 Copyright 1988-2008 Comeau Computing. All rights reserved. MODE:strict errors C++ C++0x_extensions Kindly help me to check the results of my code too?
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I would have thought the best bet for compiling software where you can't install anything is to check if your compiler can be run from a memory stick or external hard drive.
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After long search finally i got a site where i can execute my code and obtain the output.
For your information i am sharing it.Its
I think this time i deserve Thanks to myself because i post a reply and solved it my self.
Thanks for all those who replied.Regards
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Really nice one and some reputation your way