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NumberFormatException maybe yes maybe no

Discussion in 'Java' started by LeoPelo, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. LeoPelo

    LeoPelo New Member

    I have to work on a test machine and when my work is complete and tested, I have to put it online for customers.

    On these two machines my code doesn't work in different ways!

    This part is the problem:

    public void setQntaRiduAsDecimalQuantityString(String qntaRidu) {
    Double pippo=new Double(qntaRidu.replace(',','.'));
    catch(NumberFormatException x)

    On test machine i have String qntaRidu = 42,123 (with comma).
    All goes ok and pippo gets 42.123

    On "Online" machine the same code, and same value in qntaRidu , cast a NumberFormatException.

    In java, is number format customizable ? (for example in Oracle you can localize your machine, so you can choose to have comma as decimal separator instead of dot.)

    Thanks for help (i work with oc4j

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