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Noob Question

Discussion in 'Windows' started by FrozenFire, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. FrozenFire

    FrozenFire New Member

    I dont know where else to post this.

    The question is, which anti-virus should i use...which wont delete or stop me from using spyware or other hacking related software?
    i dont want a clash between softwares :S

    thank you.
  2. Darkness1337

    Darkness1337 New Member

    as far as I know:

    1. Kaspersky - because u can add them files to exclusion list ;)
    2. NOD32 - pretty good

    dont get:

    hope tha helpd ;)
  3. FrozenFire

    FrozenFire New Member

    Thank you for replying so fast :)

    ill check them out
  4. XXxxImmortalxxXX

    XXxxImmortalxxXX New Member

    norton sucks spybot is better mcafee good adaware good kapersky
  5. GreenGrass

    GreenGrass New Member

  6. P455w0rd_Cr4kz

    P455w0rd_Cr4kz New Member

    AVG will allow you to use the ignore-safelist any program you want. But as far as saty safe,i have to agree with immortal,sybotsd it's pretty good.
  7. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Moved to Windows Forum
  8. akhanna01

    akhanna01 New Member

    kaspersky is the best...................

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