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Newbie question.......my mental block. Please help!!

Discussion in 'C' started by iqessar, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. iqessar

    iqessar New Member

    Hello people, this would be my first question after signing up!
    Anyway heres my question, I did Java at university and I was always told I am a good programmer. However I never pursued it as a career - I went into support and management instead. Im pretty much bored with my job, I have therefore started to learn Objective C so that I can develop apps for the iphone. I am currently watching several different Videos / Books.

    My problem is that when I go through the Apple documentation, although I understand most of it, sometimes I stumble. I believe that because you/we have the Apple documentation (i.e. Framework references) , everything should be clear, and therefore you should have no need to refer to a book or video (in order to learn how to use a particular class). But I alway do refer to a book and video and subsequently feel guilty as I believe the framework reference should be enough. (I therefore feel I am not up to being a programmer)

    I also believe that you shouldn't need example code in order to learn how to use a particular class because Apple provides documentation for each class, but AGAIN I find my self googling example code and I find my answer like that - again I feel guilty for doing this.

    Am I right in saying that Apple documentation is simply not clear? and that its ok to refer to a video/book or google? or forums for that matter?

    I have proffesional programmers who tell me that I am worrying too much and that I should get on with it and use all the resources that I have. I just cant seem to get round this mental block that I have in my head.

    When I start a programming project I am able to use the excellent search skills that I have to find the code I need, copy and paste it (yes I do understand it) BUT then I feel guilty telling myself that why didn't you think up the code yourself???? Therefore your not a real programmer, your just good at googling.

    Currently I am going through 20+ books so that I can learn most of the frameworks, syntax etc to develop iphone apps. I believe if I do this, then when I think of a project I can make it quickly. Should I read a few books, like 2-3 and then just start a project /app , and if I get stuck just google it and get the code I need?

    Can anybody please answer my questions?
  2. osiris 1.0

    osiris 1.0 New Member

    Whats this..? A psychological dispute! Do use what you can, dont be so hard on yourself.. Apple documentation clearly is n0t so clear
  3. iqessar

    iqessar New Member

    Your quite right, Apple docs are not clear.

    I`ll give you an example, in order to make the keyboard go away on the iphone you have to use a method called resignfirstresponder. I learnt how to use this method from a Video tutorial!!!! There is no way in hell that you can learn that from Apples docs, and sometimes not even from the best of books (the method is rather weird they way it works, Apple docs aint clear).

    Thats my gripe - Apple docs should be clear. It seems people who are good programmers (but not good at googling) lose in this arena. And it seems not so good programmers can still get by - just by googling or watching a few videos (which a profressional programmer does/cannot have access to for whatever reason). The whole affair seems rather unjust and imbalanced if you ask me.

    thanks for your reply.

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