Newbie Here, Need Help.

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hi everyone... im jerome, 19 and an IT student from UE, manila, Philippines..

i really like computer, specially programming..

we have a new lesson, its about database in VB, its quite new to me, and im eager to learn about it..

our teacher gave us a project to make a VB program with database including transactions..

i want to have an advance learning about ADODB. so i joined this forum..

i hope anyone would like to suggest some useful sites about ADODB connection

by the way, our project, as i have thought, to be a BANK ACCOUNT program

which includes ah...

new account, edit/update account, deposit, withdraw, check balance, and forfeit account.

i hope a lot of people know about this kind of database...

any suggestions or comments would be best appreciated..

please help me.. thanks!
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Refer to the sticky thread at the begining of the section Visual Basic resources.
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I suggest go through this page first
also MSDN itself is a great source to this topic.
Find some source code from the internet and burn your hands in trying to write a program with ADODB. Probably you will face some problems, then come up with the specific question.
Happy programming.
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thanks everyone! im done with my database program 'bank account'

thanks to all the helpful links you gave me. im sure to keep them for future use.. lol

thanks again.. im starting to love this site. lol

umm... next year ill be studying java prog.lang.

hop you guys can help me again..

till next time!