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Newbie and confused as to which OP?

Discussion in 'Windows' started by PeterPoles, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. PeterPoles

    PeterPoles New Member

    Hi All!! I have recently bought a lappy for myself..I want to install the operating system on it, but i am really confused as to which one to go for? I am thinking of installing Microsoft Windows Vista Home. what do you say guys? Shall i go for it? What are the actual criterias ont which we decide as to which OP to go for? I am getting it for £156 @ http://www.checkcost.co.uk/microsoft...lish/p/149516/ at a store called ecostsoftware, but amazon has the same for £200..Its a good difference. Dont you think so? why amazon having that high price?
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Don't go with any HOME editions but at least use Business edition or if possible Ultimate.
  3. XXxxImmortalxxXX

    XXxxImmortalxxXX New Member

    whatever u do just dont by vista its a new BIG program and it has bugs in it stilll that hasnt been fixed it
  4. shamvil

    shamvil New Member

    Yes as XXxxImmortalxxXX has suggested, i too will suggest u not to buy Vista Home versions. I too had a pre-installedVista Home Premium on my laptop, but later i have to downgrade it to winxp, as vista was giving a hell lot of problems in term of performance.
    The only good thing about vista till date is that your pc won't be affected with virus, as most of the virus can't harm VIsta. E.g in win xp u wil find a virus which itself creates a folder with extesnion .exe.
  5. XXxxImmortalxxXX

    XXxxImmortalxxXX New Member

    yea glad to hear the same information from another peer of the forum thanks mate :)
  6. PeterPoles

    PeterPoles New Member

    Hey Thanks guys!! So I think I should go for winXP..Ok, with that can you all please suggest me a good antivirus software that really is effective?
  7. shamvil

    shamvil New Member

    Either go for Kaspersky or go for Avast Professional
  8. GreenGrass

    GreenGrass New Member

    You should take Avira Classic Edition.
    Its free and give good Protection.

    Download it at: http://www.free-av.com/
  9. XXxxImmortalxxXX

    XXxxImmortalxxXX New Member

    well just dont get norton cause nortan sucks any other one of those viruse protections software alrdy posted in this post is good

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