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Hello shabbir sir, i m back after a year of my surgery. hows you??
If aanyone can help me for this?

I started learning C programming nd bought a book of balaguruswamy. but i am nt able to understand it & theres no1 who is there to expalin me..plz tell me tha easiet reference book for C on internet.

Code: CPP
printf("i see, i remember")

when i run this simple progrmme it gave me error of protoype function after main. plz tell me wht is PROTTYPE function & wht sould be the correct statement

Thanking you.

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One year of surgery? That looked just too serious. Good to see you back and there are many errors in your program.

You have not included the needed header files as well as missing semi-colon after printf
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i will tell u a very nice book . name is Yashwanth k kanethker ... this will be very easy for u to learn conepts as well as implementing ur programs.... lot's of solved examples will be given for understanding and also tutorial too given...... PL. refer that book.......

in ur code u have left a semicolon ... ur code should be:
void main()

there are 3 parts in function:
a) Function prototype
b) Function calling
c) Function definition

since you have left a semicolon( after printf , the compiler had taken it as function Definition.......
run the above code and see , it will work properly......

thank u
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Hey Thanks vignesh for ur help. I will definitely buy that book. well by the way i got book of E BALGURUSWAMY.

Hoping to get the help for the same in future also.

God bless you.