need help urgently

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I'm a MCA student and I wanted solutions for two programs urgently. Hope u will help me in this.

Following are the programs required.

1. Write a program in 'C' language using pointers for the creation of a Doubly Linked List. Also, write a procedure for addition and deletion of an element in/from the list. Write algorithm initially and then write program.

2. Write a program in 'C' language to insert 25, 15, 12, 3, 43, 1, 4, and 50 into an initially empty AVL tree. Make assumptions, if necessary.

I have written a program for the second qn but its just inserting any numbers to the tree. I just wanted to knw if there is any way where we can insert the given numbers only.

Please consider this as urgent.
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Refer Double linked list article which has the linked list source code you are looking for.