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MySQL conncurrent access

Discussion in 'MySQL' started by kell05, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. kell05

    kell05 New Member

    Hey, I am having problems with my database I am doing lots of queries and multiple processes on different tables. Each process is reading and editing data on different tables but it seems that the database is only giving access one process at a time. For example the time taken to perform the same query with the same amount of data has increased 100 fold (Oh I am also using transactions in my Java program). Hence my question is how do I speed up the multiple accesses??

    Thanks in advance kell05
  2. BargainPredator

    BargainPredator New Member

    I had a similar problem in a former project.

    Since I had multiple threads in the same java applaication with all there own connection. I impleted a Connection Pool system where they shared the connections. It reduce the number of connection to the database and help a lot.

    Mysql connector J comes with a pooling system. I remember I did not use it... don't remember why... But it's not to hard to code your self

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