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Hey people, my school uses a site called "" to set online maths homework. I'm getting sick of doing this and I am looking for a way to hack mymaths so that I can find the answers. Whether this means searching code for the answers or actually making my answers all correct, i don't care. Please help me if you know any way of doing this.

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So how do you want to learn ? You can't have a list of answers for everything . Just learn if you're smart
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if you arent interested in Maths you shouldnt ave done that
since your academic interest isnt the topic of the thread, ill get to the point

1: the site says that there homework content is RANDOM
2: almost all the site is done in flash

given together there are 2 ways to solve your prob
either to exploit the question base [but this might not be of use if the questions are truly random genereated as stated]
or to dissemble the file [again not useful if the swf is checking for validity with server]

since we cant really have a defined url to try at least sql injection + through all the security of flash it wont be productive at all

you can try on dissembling, simply download and use a flash extractor
but i think learning the stuff would be the easiest