Multiple main functions in java

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Can there be more than one main function in the same class of java??

Some say it is not possible because compiler will get confused which " main " should be considered for starting the program..

Some say that it is possible by using different signatures, now what does that mean?
( I think it could be : MaIN or mAIN or MaiN etc )
And the " main " will remain main in this manner.

please help!
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By different signatures does not mean different capitalization as that is anyway different functions as Java is case sensitive but different signatures means the parameters would be different.
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public static void main(String args[])

Can there be multiple main functions in a same class?

Return type of main is always void.
Argument is always string.
Then how can one create a function whose name is main and is used for some other purpose,
i hope u got what i am trying to discover
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may be something like Main
public static void Main

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int main(x,y)

is it allowed?
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i just saw that this is still open
yup, above is perfectly legal

the java compiler looks ONLY for the main method with the following signature
main(String[]) / main(String...)

as long as you define the main method in a different way there's no problem
but i wont do that becuase it is not a very good proactise
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I have been checking this query regularly.
U cleared my doubt. Thanks a lot sir !!