Movie Times (PHP)

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I've been making php pages for my website, and this may fall more under general programming, but is there a way for me to reference movie times so that I can create my own dynamic movie times page?

I didn't know if there was an official way to do that. I didn't know if possibly theaters put up some sort of xml file for just such a reference. I figure the more pages referencing them the better, so I assumed it can't be that hard.

Any help would be great.
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it doesn't look like they( ) have any xml or rss feeds for you to pull, which means that you will have to create a database and a basic spider to crawl their webpages and gather the data to put in your database.
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I don't think, theaters provide any such XML files, and I doubt any theater provides APIs for accessing there timings. You can parse the HTML of the schedule page to get what you want or go manual!